The organization of a brand management course depends on a variety of factors such as the length of the course, the audience (undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, or non-degree executive education), the instructor’s area of expertise and preferred teaching style (lecture-based vs. case-based). The outline below presents an MBA-level course syllabus comprising 11 lectures organized in four core modules.

Module 1: The Framework for Brand Management (brand management as a business discipline | marketing management as a value-creation process | the brand as a means of creating market value)
Module 2: Building the Brand (developing the brand strategy | designing the brand | communicating the brand
Module 3: Growing the Brand (crafting the brand architecture | managing brand dynamics | protecting the brand)
Module 4: Brand Analysis and Planning (measuring brand impact | developing a strategic brand management plan)

Depending on the length and type of course and the instructor’s preferences and expertise, the course can include  additional topics (such as luxury branding and building socially-responsible brands) and/or forgo discussing some of the above topics (often directing students to read the relevant textbook chapters on their own). In addition, instructors who rely heavily on case discussions might limit in-class lectures to introducing the overarching brand-management framework and then focusing on topics that are more pertinent to the discussed cases.  

The Framework for Brand Management

+ Lecture 1: Brand Management as a Business Discipline  

+ Lecture 2: Marketing Management as a Value-Creation Process

+ Lecture 3: The Brand as a Means of Creating Market Value

Building the Brand

+ Lecture 4: Developing the Brand Strategy 

Lecture 5: Designing the Brand

Lecture 6: Communicating the Brand

Growing the Brand 

+ Lecture 7: Crafting the Brand Architecture

+ Lecture 8: Managing Brand Dynamics

+ Lecture 9: Protecting the Brand 

Brand Analysis and Planning

+ Lecture 10: Measuring Brand Impact 

+ Lecture 11: Developing a Strategic Brand Management Plan