There are many ways to organize a marketing management course. The ultimate decision depends on a variety of factors such as the length of the course, the audience (undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, or non-degree executive education), the instructor’s area of expertise and preferred teaching style (lecture-based vs. case-based). The outline below presents a rather comprehensive course syllabus comprising 20 lectures organized in six core modules.

Module 1: Core Marketing Concepts and Frameworks (marketing as a business discipline | marketing strategy and tactics; | marketing planning and analysis)
Module 2: Understanding the Market (understanding customers | marketing research)
Module 3: Marketing Strategy (identifying target customers | developing a customer value proposition | creating company value)
Module 4: Designing the Market Offering (managing products | managing services | managing brands | managing price | managing incentives)
Module 5: Communicating and Delivering the Market Offering (managing communication | personal selling | managing distribution, managing retailing)
Module 6: Managing Growth (gaining and defending market position | developing new offerings | customer relationship management)

Depending on the length and type of course and the instructor’s preferences and expertise, the course can include  additional topics (such as global marketing and socially-responsible marketing) and/or forgo discussing some of the above topics (often directing students to read the relevant textbook chapters on their own). In addition, instructors who rely heavily on case discussions might limit in-class lectures to introducing the overarching marketing framework and then focusing on topics that are more pertinent to the discussed cases.  

Core Marketing Concepts and Frameworks

+ Lecture 1: Marketing as a Business Discipline 
Topics: The essence of marketing | Marketing as a value-creation process | The scope of marketing | Marketing as the central function of an organization | Key marketing trends
Cases: Maersk: Betting on Blockchain (HBS) | Tailor Brands: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Branding (HBS) | Sealed Air Corporation: Deciding the Fate of VTID (HBS) | Kodak: The Rebirth of an Iconic Brand (HBS) | Candy Crush? Aligning Health, Business and Pleasure in the Chocolate Industry (INSEAD)

+ Lecture 2: Marketing Strategy and Tactics
Topics: Marketing strategy and tactics | The target market | The value proposition | The market offering | The market value map
Cases: Levi’s Tailored Classics | Uber: Changing the Way the World Moves (HBS)
Supplemental materials: The Business Model Workbook (Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice – Appendix B)

+ Lecture 3: Marketing Planning and Management
Topics: Company planning and management | Planning and managing market offerings | Developing a marketing plan 
Cases: Levi’s Tailored Classics | Iridium Satellite Phone: When the Pioneer Fails (AC) | Huawei: How Can We Lead the Way? (HBS)
Supplemental materials: Sample Marketing Plans (Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice: Appendix C)

Understanding the Market

+ Lecture 4: Understanding Customers 
Topics: The customer decision journey | Need activation | Information search | Evaluating market offerings | Choice | Purchase, usage, and repurchase
Cases: Making stickK Stick: The Business of Behavioral Economics (HBS) | The Carrot Rewards Wellness App: Innovating in the Behavior Change Market (INSEAD)

Lecture 5: Gathering Market Insights
Topics: Market research as a process | Defining the business problem and formulating the research question | Selecting the research method | Gathering and analyzing the data | Interpreting the results | Solving the business problem
Cases: A Practical Guide to Conjoint Analysis (Darden) | Catalina in the Digital Age (HBS) | Predicting Consumer Tastes with Big Data at Gap (HBS) | Carolinas HealthCare System: Consumer Analytics (HBS) | ASICS: Chasing a 2020 Vision (HBS)

Developing A Marketing Strategy 

+ Lecture 6: Identifying Target Customers
Topics: Targeting as a marketing concept | Strategic targeting | Tactical targeting | Targeting multiple segments | Segmenting the market
Cases: Calyx Flowers: Managing Profitable Growth (AC) | Red Lobster (HBS) | Planters Nuts (HBS) | Hunley, Inc.: Casting for Growth (HBS) 
Supplemental materials: Segmentation and Targeting Workbook (Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice – Appendix A)

+ Lecture 7: Developing a Customer Value Proposition
Topics: Developing a value proposition | Positioning the offering | Crafting a positioning statement
Cases: Harley-Davidson: Rejuvenating an Iconic Brand (Kellogg) | The Introduction of the New Coke (AC) | Renova Toilet Paper: Avant-garde Marketing in a Commoditized Category (INSEAD) | OYO: Creating Effective Spaces (HBS) | Château Margaux: Launching the Third Wine (HBS)

+ Lecture 8: Creating Company Value 
Topics: Dimensions of company value | Managing monetary value | Managing strategic value | Creating market value through collaboration | Crafting company and collaborator positioning statements
Cases: Miele Hong Kong: Marketing Strategies for Building Global Brands (AC)| Soren Chemical (HBS) | The Pepsi Refresh Project: A Thirst for Change (HBS) | Rosslyn Resource: Monetization and Sales Strategy (HBS)

Designing the Market Offering

+ Lecture 9: Managing Products 
Topics: Product management as a value-creation process | Key product decisions | Product packaging as a tool for creating market value | Designing product lines and product platforms | Managing the product life cycle
Cases: Gillette Fusion: Building a $1Billion Brand (AC) | DuraMax: The Product Improvement Nobody Wanted (AC) | Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower (HBS) | Casper Sleep Inc.: Marketing the “One Perfect Mattress for Everyone” (HBS) | The Walt Disney Studios (HBS) | Brandless: Disrupting Consumer Packaged Goods (HBS) 

+ Lecture 10: Managing Services
Topics: Service management as a value-creation process | Key service decisions | Delivering superior services | Managing service recovery
Cases: Beleza Natural: Marketing Strategies for Empowering Social Change (Kellogg) | AnswerDash (HBS) | The Tate’s Digital Transformation (HBS) | Digital Bank at a Crossroad (HBS) 

+ Lecture 11: Managing Brands
Topics: Branding as a value-creation process | Brand strategy | Brand tactics | Managing brand portfolios | Brand dynamics | Brand valuation
Cases: Diesel for Successful Living: Branding Strategies for an Up-market Line Extension in the Fashion Industry (INSEAD) | Puma Social: Marketing Strategies for Building Lifestyle Brands (AC) | Steinway & Sons: Buying a Legend (HBS) | L’Oréal in China: Marketing Strategies for Turning Around Chinese Luxury Cosmetic Brand Yue Sai (INSEAD)

+ Lecture 12: Managing Price 
Topics: Pricing as a value-creation process | Setting the price to create customer value | Setting the price to create company value | Setting the price in a competitive context
Cases: Universal Press Pricing Dilemma (AC) | Soren Chemical (HBS) | Basecamp: Pricing (HBS) | Zalora: Data-Driven Pricing (HBS) | Building Hoopes Vision (Kellogg)

Lecture 13: Managing Incentives 
+ Topics: Managing incentives as a value-creation process | Customer incentives | Collaborator incentives | Company incentives | Managing incentives in a competitive context
Cases: Rapid Rewards at Southwest Airlines (HBS) | Nectar: Making Loyalty Pay (HBS) | Membership Rewards® from American Express (HBS) | The Carrot Rewards Wellness App: Innovating in the Behavior Change Market (INSEAD)

Communicating and Delivering the Market Offering

+ Lecture 14: Managing Communication 
Topics: Communication as a value-creation process | Setting communication goals | Designing the communication strategy | Selecting the media | Designing the creative execution | Evaluating communication effectiveness
Cases: Can 3G Capital Make Burger King Cool Again? Brand Building under Zero-based Budgeting (INSEAD) | AccorHotels and the Digital Transformation: Enriching Experiences through Content Strategies along the Customer Journey (INSEAD) | YouTube for Brands (HBS) | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Using Digital and Social Media for Brand Storytelling (Kellogg)

+ Lecture 15: Personal Selling
Topics: Personal selling as a value-creation process | Designing, compensating, and managing the salesforce | Managing the sale
Cases: Salesoft (HBS) | Siebel Systems: Anatomy of a Sale (HBS) | Sales Compensation Vignettes (HBS) 

+ Lecture 16: Managing Distribution Channels 
Topics: Distribution as a value-creation process | Distribution channel design | Managing channel relationships | Franchising
Cases: Golden Island Jerky: Orchestrating a New Product Launch (AC) | Transforming Luxury Distribution in Asia: Bluebell’s Makeover in the Face of Digital Disruption (INSEAD) | Hubble Contact Lenses: Data Driven Direct-to-Consumer Marketing (HBS) | Sagacity Tea: What Direction for Growth? (HBS) | CDK Digital Marketing: Addressing Channel Conflict with Data Analytics (Kellogg)

+ Lecture 17: Retail Management
Topics: Key trends in retail management | Developing the retail strategy | Developing the retail tactics | Managing physical, online, and omnichannel retailing | Managing private labels
Cases: Showrooming at Best Buy (HBS) | J.C. Penney’s “Fair and Square” Strategy (HBS) | Predicting Consumer Tastes with Big Data at Gap (HBS) | Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store (HBS) | Tesco Group Food (HBS) | Index (HBS)

Managing Growth

+ Lecture 18: Gaining and Defending Market Position 
Topics: Managing market position | Managing sales growth | Managing product lines
Cases: Datril: Pioneering the Acetaminophen Market | Kookaburra Cricket Bats (Kellogg) | Unilever in Brazil: Marketing Strategies for Low-Income Consumers (INSEAD) | Forta Furniture: International Expansion (HBS) | Starbucks: Driving Growth Through New Dining Occasions (Kellogg) 

+ Lecture 19: Developing New Market Offerings
Topics: New offering development as a value-creation process | Idea generation | Concept development | Business model design | Offering development | Commercial deployment | Understanding the adoption of new offerings
Cases:  Pepsi-Lipton Brisk (HBS) | Apple Pay (HBS) | S’well: The Mass Market Decision (HBS) | Cree Inc.: Introducing the LED Light Bulb (HBS) | Airbnb, Etsy, Uber: Acquiring the First Thousand Customers (HBS) | Juan Valdez: Innovation in Caffeination (HBS) | DayTwo: Going to Market with Gut Microbiome

+ Lecture 20: Customer Relationship Management 
Topics: Managing customer loyalty | Building customer equity | Designing a customer-centric organization
Cases: DryClean Express: Managing Dissatisfied Customers | Maru Batting Center: Customer Lifetime Value (Kellogg) | Chase Sapphire: Creating a Millennial Cult Brand (HBS) | Digitally-powered Customer-Centricity in the Industrial Gas Sector: The Air Liquide-Airgas Merger (INSEAD) | HubSpot and Motion AI: Chatbot-Enabled CRM (HBS) | Jaguar Land Rover: Towards a Customer-Centric Organization (INSEAD)