+ Using Tests in Marketing Management
Using short quizzes testing specific concepts from prior lectures and case discussions can help track students’ progress though the material. The challenge in developing quizzes is to make sure that quizzes are testing knowledge rather than memory. The key is to ask questions that assess whether students understand the material discussed in class and/or covered in the assigned textbook rather than testing students’ ability to memorize definitions and classifications that do not have practical relevance. An additional challenge involves designing quizzes that are easy to grade, meaning that they have a pre-defined set of answers and can be auto-graded. 

+ Test Bank for Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice
The test bank is organized in six units corresponding to the different parts of the book (and course modules). Each question is followed by the correct answer, with most answers also followed by a note explaining their rationale. All questions are based on concepts clearly explained in the textbook and are presented in a format that is ready for posting in a learning-management system such as Canvas and Blackboard.

    • Test Bank – Module 1. Core marketing concepts and frameworks (marketing as a business discipline | marketing strategy and tactics | marketing planning and analysis)
    • Test Bank – Module 2. Understanding the market (understanding customers | marketing research)
    • Test Bank – Module 3. Marketing strategy (identifying target customers | developing a customer value proposition | creating company value)
    • Test Bank – Module 4. Designing the market offering (managing products | managing services | managing brands | managing price | managing incentives)
    • Test Bank – Module 5. Communicating and delivering the market offering (managing communication | personal selling | managing distribution | managing retailing)
    • Test Bank – Module 6. Managing growth (gaining and defending market position | developing new offerings | customer relationship management)

Test banks can be requested here (instructors only). 

+ Test Bank for Strategic Marketing Management: The Framework
Because Strategic Marketing Management: The Framework is an abridged version of the more comprehensive Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice, it is not accompanied by a separate test bank. Instructors using the Framework book can select the relevant questions from the test bank for the Theory and Practice book.